Thursday, 7 January 2016

Laundry Procrastination? You can still look pretty decent.

The morning rush meant your outfit options left a lot to be desired? The instant fix for this is to not care. Failing that, find your color-based 'season and type' via this site:
Then adjust your wardrobe to suit.
Eg, I am Deep Autumn. My 'basics' wardrobe is all of a warm autumnal colour palette now, so I can basically mix 'n' match it all and look like I had time to think about it when I woke up. Then I've got my music/geeky tees which all go with jeans. Happy Days. 

This proved to serve me well when traveling recently, a capsule closet, so to speak.

Also, it prevents me from buying clothes just because I like them. They have to suit me and fit in with what I know I already have. When I do need to go clothes shopping, I have 2 or 3 specific items. This saves time and money. My last list:
1: Navy or Camel Trench-style woolen/tweed coat
2: Nude Pumps
3: Black or Brown tights

Still looking for those Nude Pumps. I'll wait until Spring.

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