Thursday, 18 September 2014

Stockpiling for Dreams

As I walk with baby in the pram, dog by my side, I take in the scenery; sights, smells and sounds of nature and pretty stone cottages and pergolas covered in bougainvillea. There is so much to take in and it sends my imagination into overdrive. I get excited at the simplest of thoughts. Little ideas of how I could recreate something I've just seen. Noticing a trio of colours in the trees and saving it as a colour palette to apply to a crochet project in future. My mind is buzzing.

I wouldn't be surprised if passers by see huge grins make their way across my face, or looks of "Ah ha!" when I realise how I could make that dog house out of pallets. Crazy lady.

I'm definitely a dreamer. I dream big, and to the point where they actually become a reality to me. It's amazing how positive thinking like this can make your day brighter, and other people's too. The key is, as long as you are content with where you are in life and appreciate what you have, there is nothing wrong with dreaming big.

"I want to build a little stone house on a nice plot of land."

 It sounds materialistic, I know. It's the "I want.." that can make people cringe. However, there is a difference between "I want" and "I need" and I don't see anything wrong with wanting the outdoor space for my children and pets to play and run free, without the fear of them being poisoned (it happens here in Cyprus - some don't like dogs.. they love children though, I must add!). No, I don't need it. I am happily making wonderful memories where I am.

I know what my dream family home looks like. I have drawn up the plans. I have researched building materials. In the corner of the kitchen, I'd like a little wooden trough, lined with a burlap sack, to store my freshly-picked, home-grown produce in. This is the detail that my imagination takes me to. Because of these little things that make up a bigger dream, I have kept an eye out, every morning when I pass the rubbish bins, for other people's unwanted items, eg furniture. Yes, they could do with a hose down, dry out, sanding and a good waxing, but for the cost of a piece of sandpaper and wax, I could have the perfect table for my little boy to create his wax-crayon masterpieces on. If I put the elbow grease into these projects and someone were to see the beautiful finished article, they might say: "and to think you saw this by a bin, how lucky!" or "What a blessing!" but if I didn't believe my dreams were possible, I wouldn't have collected that grubby wooden room divider a few years ago. Or the pretty wooden blinds, hiding under a layer of dirt, so this is where it isn't luck, or a 'blessing' it is our choice of positive thoughts of making our dreams a reality. (Note: an interesting read here, regarding material possessions and blessings for my Christian friends)

I have recently started calling this 'Stockpiling for Dreams'. It's wonderful to have faith in what might seem impossible. I absolutely love my life, the people in it and I appreciate everything I have. I am content. That is where true happiness lies. So if your mind runs into overdrive like mine, don't feel guilty for your 'materialistic' dreams, as long as you are grateful and know you don't need such things, keep making amazing memories with what you have, while you stockpile for bigger dreams.

Anything is possible.