Monday, 16 June 2014

Paradigm Shift

Everything around us is constantly evolving, but I am currently going through (what I would call) some life-changing experiences. We all learn things gradually as we walk our chosen paths, veering left and right, taking u-turns.. but there are certain times, when you are thrown off the path completely and you have to make some tough decisions. Sometimes we prefer the comfort of simply finding our way back. It's easier - to backtrack. Other times we opt for the harder task of creating an entirely new path. Either way, these experiences can teach us so much, IF we are willing to learn.

I feel I am now entering the third chapter of my life.

The second chapter began during the months of leaving secondary school. Something happened, and during a matter of minutes, a paradigm shift began to take place. The event itself wasn't a big deal, however it was a testing of my principles that caused me to have a think about things. Things I knew had to change. It was so hard at the time, but I was reassured of my decisions being the right ones after a couple of years.

I felt the beginnings, or potential at least, for a third chapter 2 years ago. I kept getting flashes... sparks of realizations, but no 'oomph' to really fuel those sparks into a roaring fire. In my opinion, you can't make these things happen. You can try and you'll go a little way, but something out of your control needs to happen. You need to be thrown, thus forcing you to deal with things you may not want to have to deal with.

Believe it or not, I'm not necessarily talking about experiences such as marriage, or starting a family - at least not the case for me anyway. It could also be a single moment, a 'glimpse' if you will, where suddenly something just comes to you. A snowball effect ensues and you find yourself with a hundred answers, some you didn't even know you had questions to. For me, there are many questions as well, but once the scariness of dealing with change has passed, it's incredibly exciting, and I have found these are the times when I really feel I'm 'growing up'.

Apologies for the vagueness of this post, but the details aren't important and they're kind of personal :-) Have I left you completely bemused or can you relate? I'd love to know x


  1. I kind of understand what you are saying! I've just been scared by a friend of mine who moved back to the UK after a number of years in Cyprus. I now find myself being fearful of a time that may NEVER happen! Of me being left on my own without a place I can truly call my 'home'!!!

  2. Paradigm shift is something I'm very familiar with! I know exactly what you mean! My last one happened when I read a truth that set me free from lies that held me in bondage. I felt I was walking on air for days!