Sunday, 9 March 2014

Colour is my Pornography

With my love of crochet, I am often referring to wools and cottons as 'yarn porn'. However, I realize this isn't accurate as there's always a fair amount of feeling up the yarn, usually followed by an orgasmic shudder. So, considering this intimacy, I'm promoting 'yarn porn' to 'yarn foreplay'. The 'look but don't touch' of pornography is now reserved for colour.

As I go about my day, I can't help but be inspired by the colourful things around me (this is a problem - I already have enough unfinished projects filling my cupboards). It could be the transition of greens and yellows to oranges and pinks of a ripening grapefruit. Or the muddy sands being kicked up by the turquoise waters of the Cyprus coastline. Whatever the muse, I nearly always end up picking a selection of yarns to replicate the colours I've seen.

(picture from summer last year)

There's something satisfying about colours when they are placed together in 'rainbow order'. I don't know why (probably because of my mild form of OCD), there's probably some science behind it, but seeing the gradual blending is definitely porn for me.

Lucy from Attic24 demonstrates this beautifully, with her 'Raindow Raindrops Cushion', pictured below (you can find the pattern on her blog, which is well worth a visit - you'll be hooked!).

Even if only 2 or 3 colours are placed in order, they are stunning...

Then there is adding splashes of complementary colour. Reds against greens, oranges against blues and yellows against purples... my preferred choice for my living room decor...

Elephant a gift from my husband after a holiday in Africa :-)

Oil burner a gift from an awesome friend. Unknown fabric.

So as you can tell I've been a colour-combo sponge recently, and since I started writing this post, the above purple/jade gradient inspired a new project (uh-oh, the perils of having a mother who owns a 
yarn shop). I don't know what will be created from these gorgeous colours, but the yarn of choice is DMC's Natura Just Cotton range, great in every way for the Cyprus summer. So I have a few months 
to plan and create, xBBx

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