Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sharing tips for an easy, happy, healthy life


A brief intro (not an eloquent, engrossing blog write-up) of the theme of some of my future posts. I've recently had a string of epiphanies; due to inspiration gained over the holidays and from new books, as well as my own peculiar brain. I'm improving stuff. So I'll be randomly sharing my ideas/tips/tricks that are working so well for me, just in case they help someone else or more specifically (selfishly), so I can remind myself if I slip up or forget.

If we're not friends, FYI, I'm mum to a toddler (at time of writing), housekeeper (apartment-keeper is more accurate), I work 4 days a week, have a medium-sized dog & my husband works abroad. 

I aim for a simple, healthy, happy life.
I'm in no hurry, although opt for easy, time-saving solutions. I'm inspired by nature and I tend to agree with many Bhuddist teaching quotes.

My goal is ultimately to maintain a happy home, but in more detail, I would like:
- To keep my family members as happy as possible
- A stress-free life (this covers many topics)
- To eat a healthy diet, as nature intended
- My body to be supple & strong
- To grow my own vegetables & herbs
(fruit & nuts too if we ever have a garden of our own)
- To compost more
- To recycle
- To help others lead a happy life
- To get more organized (remember birthdays)
- To know my financial flow to the cent & not to spend unnecessarily.

Aaaand that's about it

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