Saturday, 19 April 2014

Celebrate Yourself!

I'm a firm believer in looking after number one, yourself, before others. It may seem selfish, but I think it's healthy. I don't mean every decision I make is to benefit me, I just like to generally keep myself happy.

When I was about 17, I read an interview of a celebrity who was turning 40 that particular year. A question put to her, was "What would you tell your younger self, if you could? Is there anything that has taken you 40 years to learn?" I can't quote her exact words, but her answer was learning to say no. That it's ok to say no (one of my favorite mottos now). Why this answer stuck with me, I don't know..  I definitely admired her, and I suppose at that time in my life I found myself saying 'yes' to keep others happy, making myself miserable in the process.

A friend invited me over for a barbecue and my answer was no. My head told me I should accept the invitation, as this was the polite thing to do, but in my heart I just didn't fancy it. I didn't have any other plans, but I was enjoying my home time with my little boy. When she heard me decline and my (lack of) reason, her response was "Now I like that. That's refreshing. Honesty. Others would have probably said 'oh thanks that'd be lovely', then text to say they can't make it. No bullshit with you!".
And so, I had a lovely day in with my son.

My son. The lovely little person that has put a bit of a hold on me looking after myself first. Having children kind of does that to you :-) but as another of my favorite mottos goes; 'Everything in moderation'. To have a happy child, I believe, requires having a happy parent. So it's all about balance. Although so far, I couldn't be happier, BECAUSE I have this child.

Well today being a wet weather day, I'm going to have another one of my quiet days at home, tending to my boy's every need - just doing what makes us happy.

One day when the boy is a little older, wet weather days will be spent splashing in muddy puddles... if he likes it, that is ;-)

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